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We are a Frankfurt-based wholesale company that sells a wide range of products, consumer electronics, storage media, computer accessories, toys, model making, household products, fitness & sports goods, packaging materials and items of distinct quality. Because our warehouse constantly houses more than 7,000 items, our customers receive their orders, which they can, for example, submit via our webshop www.makant-europe.de, in the shortest time possible. The business activities of MaKant Europe cover several areas. This includes the distribution of products from renowned brands, the production of our own products, as well as the import and trading business.

Our history

The story of MaKant Europe began back in the year 2003. Back then, the company was still concentrated on business with end customers. The step by step changeover to selling to resellers, companies and institutions quickly ensured steady growth. The development and establishment of our own brand REEKIN as of 2006 represented a milestone in this respect. The renaming of the company to MaKant Europe GmbH & Co. KG followed in the same year. As a result of the great success of the company in general and the brand REEKIN in particular, the existing premises soon prove to be too small. So at the end of 2008 - after a costly renovation of the building - the company moved to the Frankfurt industrial estate Fechenheim-Nord on Schlitzer Straße. The new company not only offers more space, but also boasts a central location, so that we were able to realise numerous optimisations - such as in terms of logistics - from which our customers benefit. But that was far from the end of MaKant Europe’s growth story. In 2016, the company moved again to another albeit much bigger premises on the same street. Today, MaKant Europe has about 1,200 square meters of warehouse space and 400 square meters of office space at its disposal. It is important for the company to constantly reinvent itself and to optimise its product range according to the desires and needs of the customers. This is the reason for the recent establishment of our own brand MK Bamboo.

Distribution, trade and import

When distributing and trading third-party products, we strive to provide our customers with high quality, as well as distinct brand and product diversity, focusing primarily on A-brands. For example, in the IT sectors, we distribute hard drives, graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies and RAM devices and act as distributors to leading IT and consumer electronics brands such as Camelion, Easypix, EMTEC, Intenso, Kodak or Logilink. We also trade products of many well-known providers such as Kingston, Logitech, Samsung, SANDISK or Toshiba. In the household products segment, we not only sell the brands AEG, Boman, Clatronic, Profi Cook and ProfiCare, but also offer our customers products from Braun, DeLonghi, Krups, Oral-B, Panasonic, Philips or Sony. Furthermore, we import selected articles - for example, RC toys, as well as electrical, fitness and health products - from abroad, if these offer our customers a particular added value.

Our own brand stands for high quality, attractive prices and appealing design

Our own brands REEKIN and MK Bamboo are playing an increasingly important role. In this respect, the REEKIN range comprises products from the areas of computer accessories and consumer electronics, such as for example card readers, notebook cooler pads, USB hubs or webcams, as well as multimedia speakers. Because we produce these products all by ourselves, we can offer our customers high-quality reasonably priced products, which are not only technically, but also functionally appealing, and favourably distinguish themselves from competing products by their innovative design. Under our own brand MK Bamboo on the other hand, we distribute products made from bamboo, which are characterised by sustainability, quality and appealing design.

Development of our website

Already since mid-2005, we have distributed our products via a modern online shop for those days. Gradually, features were expanded and the design modernized. 2008 followed the first major conversion, the design has been completely changed. The focus was placed on a better presentation of the products and a clearer classification of categories. This design accompanied us for about 10 years, but was regularly changed and expanded. Since 2019 we are online with the third version, which was not only optically changed, but was optimized from the ground up. Fast load times, high visibility of search engines, even better product design are just a few of the many improvements that went into the design.

The website is tablet PC and smartphone-enabled

Fit for current competition and future challenges

Important success factors of MaKant Europe are the extensive distribution network, the internet presence www.makant-europe.de, as well as our investments in e-commerce. In this way we are ready for today’s tough competition and well-equipped for the challenges of the future. Apart from this we are constantly seeking out new (distribution) partnerships, to be able to offer more and more customers attractive and reasonably priced products in accordance with our company ethos in future.

Since if our partners and customers are satisfied, then so are we!

What you always wanted to know - our statistics since the foundation in 2003

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