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Braun Clean & Renew Refill CCR 5+1 Pack

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2-4 dni
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produkt staly
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Numer produktu:
CCR 5+1
Cleans: A unique alcohol-based cleaning solution, removes shaved stubble to clean the shaver hygienically, removing 99.99% of germs.
Lubricates: The cleaning formula automatically lubricates the blades for optimal cutting efficiency during the cleaning cycle.
Replace the refill cartridge every 3 months to experience a shaver like new, every day.
Suitable for use with all Braun Cleaning Centres (Activator, Synchro, Pulsonic and Series).
Clean & Charge cleaning center – Cleans, charges, maintains and dries the electric shaver at the touch of a button, making them feel like new day for day
The Hygienischste and most convenient to use refill fluid on the market
Cleans: a unique solution to alcoholic, foot base which has Abrasierte Stoppeln some leaves the razor allows for hygienic cleaning
Pflegt: The cleaning formula cares for blades automatically for optimal shaving results; Easy to replace
Scent of Fresh Lemon: The solution smells pleasantly refreshing lemon, a cartridge is enough for 30 wash cycles

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