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Adler Scale kitchen AD 3138 R (Red)

Tempo di consegna:
Disponibile localmente
Cartone (Blister)
Tipo di prodotto:
Vendita Stock
Unità di Imballaggio (VE):
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Numero dell' Articolo:
AD 3138 r
Codice del Prodotto:
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An electronic kitchen scale that has a maximal capacity of 5kg and the accuracy of 1 g. It is incredibly useful when one prepares a dish that require very strictly defined proportions of the products. It allows to precisely define the quantity of even really small items. It also answers the needs of those people who wish to verify the magnitude of their meals, for example because of health issues. Thanks to its small size the kitchen scale is easy to store and to be moved from one place to another. It has an option to choose to turn it off automatically or manually and is equipped with a very legible screen. What is more, this kitchen scale has a possibility of counting water´s and milk´s capacity. This function is very useful when one does not have a measuring cup nearby.

Attention! Error on the packaging. The scale does not have a bowl in the set!
Capacity 5 kg
Graduation 1 g
Large LCD Display
Auto zero ( „TARE” function)
Auto-off / manual-off
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