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Gembird LCD/TFT Bildschirmreinigungs Set CK-LCD-04

Delivery time:
1-2 days
Type of Packaging:
blister package (retail)
product nature:
permanent product
item number:
commodity code:
Kenmerken:3-in-1 Reinigungsset mit Reinigungsspray, Mikrofasertuch und weicher BürsteEntfernt Staub, Schmutz und Fingerabdrücke von jedem LCD-DisplaySpecificaties:Cleaning liquid: surface-active agent 4%, aroma essence 1%, water 95%Contents: 30 mlSystemeisen:NOTES:It is recommended to clean the screen only when it is switched offDo not spray the cleaning solution on to the screen directlyUse the enclosed micro-fiber tissue to achieve the best effectKeep the micro-fiber tissue clean and dry: wash it in a neutral detergent solutionKeep out of reach of childrenUse within 18 month after openingInhoud:30 ml cleaning sprayMicro fibre cloth, 15 x 15 cmBrush
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