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Back Posture Corrector, Size XL

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Type of Packaging:
carton (retail)
product nature:
permanent product
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The Posture Corrector is intended and manufactured for moderate funcionality and should not be used any longer than 3 hours in a 12 hour day period.

Wearing the posture corrector while sleeping is not recommended. Check brace for tears or damages before each use. Brace shoulbe fitted but not over tighten to restrickt blood circulation. If problems arise, remove the brace immediately and consult a physician.

Risk of skin irritation:
In rare cases skin reactions and irritations may accur. To avoid lesions, irritations or allergic skin reactions, the skin must be free of gels, greases, ointmemts, oils or similar substances and wash body partscovered by the brace regularly.

If any problems arise, such as but not limited to numbness, swellingdiscoloration, discomfort, pain, sensation, changes or anything elseunusual stop using the brace and consult a physician immediately.

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