Fujitsu AMD Radeon Pro WX 3100 4GB f. W580 W550 M770 u.a. S26361-F3300-L311
Fujitsu NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB W5010 P9910 S26462-F3000-L207
Fujitsu NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB W580pwr P558pwr M7010 S26361-F3000-L206
Fujitsu NVIDIA Quadro P400 2GB S26361-F2222-L44
Fujitsu NVIDIA Quadro P400 2GB LP D538 D738 D958 3x mDP S26361-F2222-L944
Fujitsu NVIDIA Quadro P400 2GB, Full Height S26361-F4066-L400
Intel Xeon Gold 6234 8x 3.3 GHz - LGA 3647 Sockel S26361-F4082-L334
Intel Xeon Gold 5217 8x - 3 GHz GA 3647 Sockel S26361-F4082-L217
Intel Xeon Silver 4208 8x - 2.1 GHz - LGA 3647 Sockel S26361-F4082-L108
Intel Xeon Silver 4214 12x - 2.2 GHz LGA 3647 Sockel S26361-F4082-L114
Intel Xeon Silver 4210 10x - 2.2 GHz LGA 3647 Sockel S26361-F4082-L110
Fujitsu PLEVIER ESPLANADE C 15 Ledertasche S26391-F1193-L61
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