Jura Claris Smart+ Filterpatrone 3er Set 24233
Jura Claris Blue+ 1er Pack 24228
Jura Claris Smart+ 1er Pack 24232
JURA 3-Phasen Reinigungstabletten Reinigungsmittel f.Kaffeeaut. 24225
JURA 61848 - Descale 61848
Jura Milk System cleaner mini tabs 24157 Refill bottle
Jura Milk System cleaner mini tabs 24158 with dispenser
JURA 70751 - Entkalkungstabletten
JURA Claris Blue Filterpatrone 71311
Jura 68739 Claris White-Filter Cartridges, 3pcs-pack
Jura Cleaning Tablets 62535 (25 Pcs.)
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